I defend against weapons charges. Ever since the beginning of man weapons have been a tool used during conflict. Today, in our Cities/State, all too often, weapons’ use is alleged. Sometimes this is true and sometimes it is not. Sometimes weapons are used in self defense, and other times not. And what is a weapon? Can a three and a quarter inch knife do substantially more harm than one with a three inch blade? Do not pistols and starter pistols look substantially the same to those who stare down their barrels? But are starter pistols considered firearms under the law? Clearly not !

Circumstances must always be examined in weapons cases for not do so would be grounds for lawyer malpractice. In all my time in practice I have seen virtually every weapons charge that exists in the law. A normal person would be amazed to see what the law considers a weapon. But every case is different and since this is true not every weapons case will have the same outcome. One may clearly have a right to carry a weapon, a right granted to him/her by the State while another may use a similar weapon ( usually a firearm ) during the course of the commission of a felony ( ” Felony Firearm Law” ). Easily, anyone can see the vast difference between the two situations. As a criminal defense attorney it is my job to defend against charges laid upon both the innocent and the guilty party ( s ) to a weapons violation. As I have said before in this web site I have been handling these charges ( and successfully so ) for over three ( 4 ) decades – Sam