As we all know the distribution, sale and use of illegal drugs ( including non-prescribed prescription drugs ) is a huge problem in this Country. Those people who are unlucky enough to be caught in possession of these drugs or worse yet in possession with intent to deliver these drugs have a rough way to go in the Judicial system. Some drug crimes are considered worse than other drug crimes. For instance an isolated case of possession of marijuana may be treated and charged vastly different than repeated cases of use or possession or possession with intent to deliver cocaine, just as an example. Different Courts may hear cases involving different drugs. Driver’s licenses may be put in jeopardy.

The list of possible outcomes though not infinite none the less is vast. Drug laws have changed from time to time depending on location, societal norms and resulting collateral evils. Today drug laws are aggressively enforced and their sanctions are extraordinarily harsh. Being a criminal lawyer from the start of my practice in 1978 I have kept up with every change regarding every facet of Michigan’s drug laws. I feel that there isn’t a drug Defendant that I cannot substantially help. Defending drug crimes has always been a staple of my criminal practice. I am truly pleased with the outcomes I have provided to my drug Defendants ….. Sam