Driving While Suspended

In Michigan if a person drives during a period of suspension and is caught while doing so, he/she will be charged with DWLS ( Driving While License Suspended ). There are few, if any, defenses to this charge. If convicted as charged a person will suffer huge money fines ( including the MI. Driver Responsibility Fee ) and possibly jail.

There are many reasons that a person’s license may become suspended. Among them are F.A.C. ( Failing to Answer a Citation ) , F.C.J. ( Failing to Comply with Judgment ) U.D.R. ( Unsatisfactory Driving Record ) ; multiple drunk driving convictions and convictions for certain drug crimes among other reasons.

With the stakes so high upon a conviction to this charge, I truly believe that it is a mistake to appear in Court without an attorney ( in fact, many Judges frown on an unrepresented Defendant ). As bad as all of this sounds there is light at the end of the tunnel in these cases. An experienced attorney can still, today, move this principle charge of Driving While Licensed Suspended downward and in some cases have it dismissed altogether. Each case, Prosecutor and Judge are different and each fact situation is different. I have been working these cases since 1981 and my results have often happily surprised me. If you are in this situation, charged with this crime then by all means call me …. together we can make the impossible end result possible ! …….. Sam