D.A.A.D. Hearings to Restore License

Sometimes it is necessary to petition the Driver Appeal and Assessment Division of the Secretary of State of Michigan for the return of your Driver’s License. Most often this occurs when you have been suspended for multiple drinking and driving offenses. This proceeding occurs in front of a hearing officer ( administrative law Judge ) in a courtroom-like setting. Preparing for this hearing is no easy task. This is one of those situations where my experience has taught me that being represented by an attorney is a very wise thing.

A mid-1980’s case held that ” the loss of a driver’s license is not the imposition of a penalty ( so as to collide with either the First Amendment – ” pursuit of happiness “, or the Eighth Amendment – ” unusual punishment ” ) – but rather the deprivation of a civil privilege. With this holding I have never agreed. But upon it has been built and based most of the licensing laws of the Secretary of the State of Michigan. Therefore I, as all attorneys do, must practice within the by-laws of the Secretary of State. The hearing itself requires a full mental and physical evaluation of the Petitioner, letters in support of his/her petition and valid proof of rehabilitation. The smallest requirements must be met in checklist fashion.

A license to drive in our State of Michigan is an extremely valuable possession. At any one time in our State 50,000 potential drivers are unlicensed. If you are among them please call me. I began to specialize in this field in 1982. I will see to it that your license is restored to you……Sam