Criminal Law

Criminal defense law has been a staple of my career since day one. From traffic offenses to personal offenses, assaultive, non-assaultive, petit offenses to felonies I have been involved in all manner of criminal defense. I will not toot my own horn. I will let others judge my work. I will say that over six thousand people have had me represent them. The vast majority have referred other people to me. In 40 years, I have only received compliments and have never received an attorney grievance, a malpractice lawsuit, or negative word of mouth.

Every case is unique and I have adapted to every criminal defense situation. In my first full year of practice my first secretary entered my office and handed me a copy of the Detroit Free Press. Of course I wondered why she did that. Quietly she told me to look at the right side of page one. I did what she asked me to do. To my surprise there was printed an article on a case I was handling. That case involved three defendants who were charged with armed robbery, criminal sexual conduct and felony firearm. Each defendant was charged with 30 counts of each charge. The site of the alleged crime was an after hours gambling and drinking spot in Highland Park, MI. Until I saw my name in print I considered this case to be like any other case. To me it was unremarkable. To the newspaper it was a big case. I finished handling my client’s case to his and his Father’s great satisfaction. I have had many referrals from that very client over the years.

On most high profile drinking and driving cases the newspapers have sought my comments. I personally consider this high praise. (I have also been often quoted in the same newspapers regarding my thoughts on other subjects as well, including bankruptcy. In 1980 a producer for WXYZ – TV made my practice the subject of a 5 part series entitled “Where Credit is Due” ). Regarding my criminal law practice my objectives are, in order of importance, to keep my clients out of jail/prison, to reduce or dismiss their charges and to help them not only in Court but afterwards in rebuilding their lives. I am in Court everyday as a front line criminal defense lawyer.

Additionally I do all of the above aggressively, completely and by charging each client – each and every client a fair fee ….. Sam.