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Welcome to my website. I hope you will find this experience informative and helpful. Call Sam for all your legal needs. Low Fees/ Expert Work. Call (248-569-3700) 24 Hours / 7 Days. Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving, Driving While Suspended, Probation Violations, License Restorations, Retail Fraud, Juvenile Cases and much much more. In practice for 40 years since 1978.

Sam Konikow is ethical, respected and an aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer who represents clients in city, state and federal criminal courts, including felony, misdemeanor and juvenile matters in the Tri-County area. The Sam Konikow Law Office believes that by providing an in-depth investigation of the facts and defenses of every client’s case, he can achieve the best results possible. A 40 year actively practicing attorney, Sam Konikow is knowledgeable in the law and personally committed to each client. His office is located in Oak Park, Michigan which is centrally located for easy access to the Tri-County Court System.

Recognition. Peers have recognized Sam Konikow as a superior lawyer. Attorneys and judges have consistently remarked that they respect Sam’s knowledge and experience in the legal community. You can be assured that his reputation precedes him when he steps into the courthouse.

Commitment. Sam devotes a great deal of his practice to the area of criminal law. He is committed to providing the best possible service to clients accused of criminal offenses. He will explore all possible options and defenses for his clients.

Experience. Sam has more than 40 years of experience in criminal law in the Tri-County and outlying areas. Sam has practiced his entire career in Michigan as a criminal defense attorney and general practitioner.

What does this mean for you? If you are facing criminal charges, Sam knows that the thought of conviction, imprisonment or a criminal record can be terrifying and overwhelming. People are often misled about how the legal system works, what to expect and what will happen to them. You need a criminal defense attorney who has years of experience. Sam provides clients with the personal attention they deserve. He understands the stress you are experiencing when waiting to hear about your case, and he promises to keep you informed at all times.

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This Web site provides useful information about Michigan criminal defense. While searching the Internet is a good first step, your next step should be calling Sam. As the criminal defense lawyer and general practitioner at Konikow Law Office, Sam offers free initial consultations. And he can give you advice that can be used right away to keep you out of jail. Don’t hesitate in calling. Sam is warm and friendly and eager to talk to you about your situation.